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Control 4 home automation

Control4 home automation lets you easily manage your security system, lights, home entertainment, thermostat and various other electronics from your iPad or touch screen controls! Options are available for in-home and over-the-web remote control.

  Control 4 interface through your iPad, local or remote
Elan Home Systems for entertainment, comfort, security, communications and lighting

Elan Home Systems for entertainment, comfort, security, communications and lighting

Elan Home Systems provides entertainment, comfort, security, communications and lighting controls that work together to create the ultimate home experience. You control all your home systems with just one touch.

Sunfire subwoofers, pre-amplifiers, receivers, stereo and home-theater amplifiers

Sunfire Corporation is known as a leader with powerful home audio and home cinema electronics and subwoofers. With proprietary software, this remarkably advanced product leaves all the problems of PC-based servers behind. We think Sunfire is the finest home entertainment product you can buy.

  Sunfire Theater Grand Media System
Marantz SR7005 Surround Sound AV Receiver  

Marantz high-end digital and analog audio

Marantz is a world leader in high-end digital and analog audio. Marantz delivers full, crystal clear surround sound for your home entertainment system. These components satisfy the demands of even the most discerning aficionados.

SpeakerCraft in-wall and in-ceiling speakers

SpeakerCraft designs high fidelity speakers that mount flush in the wall or ceiling. Known for quality performance and expert engineering with over twenty years in business. SpeakerCraft carries the most extensive line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers available anywhere, plus they come with a lifetime warranty.

  SpeakerCraft in-ceiling speaker
Synchrony PSB Speakers  

PSB Speakers

PSB Speakers was founded by Paul Barton who says, "PSB always has and always will design loudspeakers that are true to nature. There is nothing added to what is in the music and there is nothing taken away that was intended in the music. And that's what a speaker should be."

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